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Helping Christians Become Intentional Disciples by Understanding their God-given Calling, Putting Faith into Action, and Serving with their Gifts

A new way to create engaged disciples in your ministry.

Helping Ministries Engage Disciples with Technology

Realize Your Calling has partnered with experienced coaches and advisors to bring you a complete program to support your ministry. Our program includes multiple resources to help your ministry leadership support members in finding and using their God-given gifts.

Ministry Support Services

Our ministry support services are focused on evangelization, discernment of gifts, and serving the ministry and community. Our structured program includes:

Coaching Programs to define opportunities, identify mentorship opportunities, and create intentional disciples in your ministry.

Quick Start for technology-enabled strategies to support your members in discerning gifts and identifying opportunities to grow in their faith and service.

Funding and Grant Support to help ministries integrate technology solutions and education into their evangelization and service strategies.

Hiring and Placement Support to staff critical staffing roles in your ministry for evangelization and volunteer coordination.

Educational Resources to support your ministry in evangelization, technology, and volunteer management.

Powering Your Member’s Journey

Realize Your Calling is packed with features that help your members identify their gifts, develop new skills, find mentors, and more. Your members are empowered to give of their time, treasure, and talent with custom-fit spiritual paths. Explore our features and capabilities below.


Detailed personal assessments, to understand your unique charisms, skills and talents, creating energy, focus and commitment.


Training, mentoring, and leadership to develop your gifts and get hands-on experience with learning paths matched to your goals.


Connect with opportunities matched to your gifts and skills and provide support, bringing joy to yourself and others.


Advanced disciples can find mentorship opportunities to teach, support, and guide others who are walking a similar path.

Low Cost Ministry Support Every Step of the Way

We believe that complicated processes and challenging software isn’t good for anyone. Evangelizing Realize Your Calling with your members is a process and our team is with you for the long-haul to help you every step of the way. We’ve designed Realize Your Calling as more than just a software. Our program includes quick-start support, coaching, and resources to help you achieve your goals.


Our quick-start program helps you get up and running with Realize Your Calling. We work with your leadership team to define your needs, understand your opportunities, and help you launch RYC in your organization.


Our launch toolkit helps you launch Realize Your Calling including email templates, announcements, flyer templates, and presentation templates that help you make announcements, attract new disciples, and evangelize your members.


Your training program on using Realize Your Calling includes administrator training and disciple training for your team. Our training program includes everything you and your members need to get set up and start using Realize Your Calling.


Your Success Manager is with you every step of the way from quick-start to ongoing support needs. Once a month, you’ll have a scheduled check-in with your Success Manager to discuss your successes, challenges, and evangelization strategies.

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