Helping Christians Become Intentional Disciples by Understanding their God-given Calling, Putting Faith into Action, and Serving with their Gifts

We Believe in the Power of Leadership in Your Ministry

Increasing Engagement in Your Ministry

As Disciples in today’s world, we are all busy… Many of us are not sure where to start, unsure of what the right path forward is, and struggling with discovering what it is we are called to do!

On the other hand, many of us are seeking ways to utilize our skills & gifts, but do not have the right resources or information to do so.

Realize Your Calling includes multiple resources to help your ministry leadership support members in finding and using their God-given gifts. The program simplifies your discernment, development and gifts, bringing joy to yourself & others.

Many Ministries are overwhelmed with so many opportunities with a small % of members willing to engage.

Realize Your Calling simplifies this by matching individuals with opportunities. This provides your ministry with a resource engine that elevates your culture and missionary impact.

Developing Missionary Disciples

Realize Your Calling empowers individuals to discern their God-given gifts, develop new skills to serve, hone their natural ability, get one-to-one coaching, and find opportunities to serve. Our program fosters growth at the individual level and the organization level with a suite of tools to support the individual in their spiritual journey and carefully designed features that support ministries and individual disciples to increase engagement and develop leaders within the community.


Your ministry depends on active, engaged members who can evangelize and lead others. Realize Your Calling helps your members develop gifts and skills, find meaningful ways to serve, and find mentorship opportunities. With a proven, scalable system, your ministry can standardize processes, increase engagement, and make management easier – so you can focus on what matters most.

Individual Disciples

If you are individual looking to realize and activate yourself to elevate your community, Realize Your Calling is here to help guide you! We match our members with opportunities to serve based on their unique gifts and skills – engaging you in your community and helping you to realize Sainthood!

“As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.”

1 Peter 4:10

How We Fund Change

We work with profit and non-profit organizations to offer education, coaching, discipleship, and service in the Christian community…

Education Grants

Education grants provide grants to ministries to identify and educate their leaders, define service opportunities, and promote evangelization.

Development Grants

Development grants offer deserving organizations grants to develop services, training, and products that can help ministries foster intentional discipleship in their membership.


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We’re always happy to meet faith leaders and donors around the globe and chat about how you can help support Realize Your Calling so that we can fund as many initiatives as possible!

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