Gifts Activated.

RYC Core Values

Critical to any organization are the values that drive the behaviors of its members. 

Realize Your Calling’s core values are Elevate- Strengths- Act.
Powered by the Holy Spirit, RYC equipped missionary disciples uphold these core values while serving others, by activating their spiritual gifts and talents while growing in their own faith journey.

Elevate Selves and Others

The opportunities to elevate ourselves and others closer to God are right in front of us. Through our families, friends, careers, and community; we just need to be more intentional and activate our spiritual gifts and talents in our everyday lives.

Play to Our Strengths

God is not asking us to call forth the gifts and vocations of a few people; he is asking us to call forth the gifts and vocations of millions. Our problem is not that there is a shortage of vocations but that we do not have support systems and leadership in place to foster the vast majority of the vocations that God has given us.

Act Boldly with Purpose

The Holy Spirit encouraged me to take what I have learned and apply it to building his church; to evangelizing. After contacting 25+ ministries, understanding the need deeply, I started to build Realize Your Calling. It has not been a straight path. God encourages us to Act – knowing that it might take some time to see the fruits of our efforts.


  • Commitment to Success
  • Willingness to Learn
  • Service Before Self


  • Self Awareness
  • Have Personal Integrity
  • Transparency


  • Be Resourceful
  • Have Courage to Act
  • Passionate, Lead with Purpose

“When the Holy Spirit comes, he will guide you to all Truth.”

John 16:13.

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